1. Do I need a COVID-19 test to enter Diamante or Cabo San Lucas?
No. At this time tests are not required to enter Diamante or Cabo San Lucas. Please be advised, a document requiring a signature confirming you have not been exposed within two weeks is required at departure if flying out of San Jose del Cabo airport. Also, many destinations now require a negative COVID-19 laboratory confirmation.

2. What measures are taken to keep guests and employees safe?
Diamante has followed all local, regional, and national requirements to remain operational and COVID-19 aware and received the necessary certifications to do so. These measures include things such as eliminating touch points, providing sanitizer, limiting gatherings, and use of PPE (face masks, face shields, etc.) as you will see on property. Temperatures are also taken for every person entering the gate, without exception.

3. What are my responsibilities as a guest (as it relates to COVID-19)?
We ask that you report any type of symptom or illness to our medical team by calling through extension 56 or concierge to be connected by phone or by email to: medical@diamatelife.com. Our highly trained staff can help you 24/7. We always have paramedics and a medical manager on call as well as a doctor on site. We are operating under a tele-medical style care system and appointments can be made with the doctor in this way via telephone or Skype or zoom for treatment for $60 USD.

We recommend following the current CDC and WHO guidelines of limiting contact to only those who live in your household and to wear face coverings and distancing in public areas.

4. I have been informed that someone I was in contact with has now received a confirmed positive test result. What do I do?
We ask that you immediately self-isolate and call into the medical team for instructions and monitoring.

5. Can I have a COVID-19 test?
Absolutely. If you have concerns of COVID-19 exposure, please contact the medical team for advice and assistance in scheduling the test most applicable to your situation. If you would like to request testing to meet travel requirements, we currently have rapid antigen group testing on Thursdays and Fridays for $35 usd scheduled by our event team at: testing@diamantelife.com. If you require PCR results or require a test on a different day, we offer in-residence testing by contacting the medical team at: medical@diamantelife.com.

6. Someone in my group is having COVID-19 suspicious symptoms or I have had contact with a confirmed positive COVID-19 contact, but I feel fine. Can I continue to use facilities on property?
We will require you to isolate in your unit and contact our medical team for the guidelines to follow. Out of consideration of others including our employees that do not have access to the same quality medical care as well as others in our community that may be more vulnerable, we request that the entire party with potential exposure quarantines within the residence and remains in communication with the medical team for guidance.

7. I have already had a COVID-19 or have been vaccinated, so I am free to move around property without a mask or without reporting should I be exposed since I have immunity.
This is false. Immunity from COVID-19 is still being studied and immunity seems to fluctuate drastically between individuals. Even with memory antibodies to the virus, people can and have become re-infected and still have the potential to spread to others.

8. If I become ill or someone that I am traveling with becomes ill, what should I do?
If you are not feeling well or have an injury, call #56 on the phone in your unit. We have care available on site 24/7 for tele-medical services. Only in emergencies or special circumstances will care be provided in person. Those prices are available upon request. If it is deemed necessary or you prefer care provided in a hospital setting, we have agreements with area hospitals that have experience treating critical COVID-19 or otherwise critical patients and we can arrange transportation and care for you.

9. If I test COVID-19 positive can I leave the country and go back home?
Most destinations currently require proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Per official recommendations, an infected COVID-19 patient must remain isolated to prevent exposure to others, including travel.

10. What medical facilities are available In Cabo?
There are numerous medical facilities available in our area. Many have experience treating COVID-19 patients. We have relationships and privileges with AMC and Hospiten. Our onsite team is happy to assist you in coordinating care.

11. If I must be quarantined because of COVID-19, does that mean I cannot leave my unit?
Yes, if you have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus you must stay in your unit and adhere to the instructions you will be given by our doctors.

12. If the individual I am traveling with is COVID-19 positive do I have to stay in my unit? For how long? When can I be tested?
Yes. We request all contacts of any confirmed or suspicious individual remain quarantined until cleared by our team. The timeframe is determined based on illness evolution but generally around 14 days with a confirmatory negative test is required for a release. The medical team can assist you with determining when best to be tested.

13. If we were with someone that left Diamante and then found out they were positive am I quarantined? For how long?
Yes. If you were in contact with a confirmed positive person, you would be required to follow the same quarantine protocols answered in question #13. We recommend refraining from all nonessential social gathering with those outside of your household during this time. This eliminates some risk of exposure and is the same guidelines being followed in other areas to prevent spread.



I have recovered and am no longer contagious from COVID-19. What now?
Below you will find common questions and answers to help you navigate the days immediately following your quarantine cessation here at Diamante:


14. I have already had COVID-19, so now I can move around freely or without a mask in the community, right?
Not Necessarily. It is believed that with memory antibodies you do have some protection for future infection from COVID-19. However, there have been cases of re-infection and illness with COVID-19. Also, even after you recover you could still act as a vector of transmission to others if you are in an environment with an actively COVID-19 positive individual. Therefore, we strongly suggest 1. Limiting contacts to those in your home and ceasing to participate in social gatherings. 2. Always maintaining a distance of at least 2.5 meters in public areas such as the grocery store. 3. Continue to use face masks and wash hands often.

After you have been declared negative by our medical team with supporting laboratory confirmation, you are permitted to use Diamante public areas and services. We ask that in all public areas, you continue to social distance and wear masks.

15. I had COVID-19 and all my friends had COVID-19 so can we gather without problem?
There is no guarantee that each member of the group is completely protected from reinfection in the future.
Therefore, it is still strongly suggested to limit gatherings. If you choose to continue to socialize, we recommend occasional antibody testing for all group members as well as every member in the group limiting all other contacts outside of the group to eliminate variables in tracking and treating individuals in the case of another active patient within the group.

16. I’ve already had COVID-19 and my friend just tested positive. Can I still be in contact with him/her?
If you are in contact with anyone that has COVID-19 you will need to quarantine in your unit for a period of 14 days or until testing negative. We recommend limiting contact to only those in your home and all actively ill patients remaining in isolation for their safety and the safety of others.

17. I have already recovered from the virus, and now someone in my home or a contact has tested positive. What do I do?
Please contact the medical team for advice. We will want to set up a testing protocol to check your antibody status and make recommendations with those results for who should remain in quarantine with the positive patient and who should separate. Even after you have had COVID-19, you can be in a situation where you are asked to quarantine again.

18. I have recovered but am anxious that there may be concerns regarding my status or a stigma involved as I begin to participate in golf or other activities on property at Diamante or elsewhere. Can you help?
With your permission and authorization we can collaborate and share your health status and test results on your behalf. We only need a letter with a signature sent by email notifying us of who you would like to share your details with. We have a relationship with most area labs and hospitals and work together in this capacity almost daily.

19. I already had COVID-19, but now I am starting to feel a little sick. What should I do? Could it be COVID-19 again?
Please contact the medical team so we can assess your symptoms and begin an appropriate treatment for you as soon as possible.
It could be COVID-19 again or it could be any other common cold or another type of infection. The sooner we can gather details from you and arrange for testing, the sooner we can make a diagnosis with a treatment plan to help you heal.

20. I have recovered. What other recommendations are there for me to follow?
We still recommend adhering to the same guidelines established globally regarding limiting gathering, wearing masks, social distancing, and hygiene. Please consider that you have just recovered from an illness. Even, in the case you had little or no symptoms, we would suggest nourishing your body with nutritious food, healthy sleep and stress minimizing habits. We want your immune system to have a chance to rest after working so hard!

If you would like any vitamin or supplement recommendations specific to you, we can access those needs and make individual recommendations as a separate appointment.