Diamante Days

Getting to Know: Juan Pablo, Head Golf Professional, Dunes Course

Put your hands together for Juan Pablo, the newly named head professional at the Dunes Course!

Juan Pablo, 30 years of age, is a native of Bogota, Colombia and he first took up golf at the age of 6. Credit goes to his grandparents for his introduction to the game. “My grandparents were frequent golfers and I always wanted to drive the cart,” says Juan Pablo. “In order to drive the cart, I had to play at least three holes. Very soon I started to play the whole course and found out I really liked this game.” Juan Pablo is especially fond of his 60-degree wedge, his favorite club in the bag. But, if pressed for time before the round, he chooses the putting green over the driving range because it gives him more confidence heading to the first tee. His favorite hole at Diamante is the tough par-5 15th on the Dunes, because he doesn’t shy away from a good challenge. His dream golf course is Augusta National, home of the Masters—“What else is there to say?”—but his favorite course has neither magnolia trees, azaleas nor dogwoods.

“Diamante Dunes is my favorite. I’m not just saying that because I was promoted to head pro, but because I really love playing that course.” Juan Pablo’s best golf story is funny and sad all at once. “I finally managed to get a hole in one, my very first one and it was a Mulligan. Happened at the 7th hole on the Dunes course. Even though it didn’t count as a hole in one, I still got a very nice par. “When he finally makes that elusive ace, per tradition, Juan Pablo will have to buy everybody drinks. His own beverage of choice at the turn? “Simple answer–a Corona, with lime and salt. I really love that drink.”

A toast to you, Juan Pablo. Salud!