The Spa
at Diamante

The Spa at Diamante perfectly complements our members’ active, outdoor-oriented approach to health and wellbeing. Our expert staff provides comforting treatments, including a wide range of massages, body treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures—each treatment perfectly tailored for you. 

We combine the finest, most effective spa products available and are a true reflection of our natural surroundings and the amazing diverse terrestrial and oceanic plant life in the Cabo region. Inspired by the beauty of Diamante, The Spa welcomes you with three individual and one couple’s spa suites.


Ease tension, soothe aches and calm emotions with a custom massage. Choose from our signature relaxation; deep tissue relief; body and spirit rescue; or touch and heat massages for a 60 or 90–minute session. 



Transform your skin with one of our facial treatments designed to hydrate, detox, brighten, revitalize and firm your face. 

Body Treatments

Our body treatments are the definition of bliss, and will leave your skin aglow with new-found softness, vitality, suppleness and moisture. Select the Diamond Rose for silky skin, the Skin Soother as an after-sun treatment or the Summer Glow sugar scrub and massage treatment to pamper your skin. 



Sit back and relax with a manicure or pedicure treatment and renew and restore hydration, moisture and youthful glow. Enjoy a signature massage and leave perfectly polished. 

Additional Information

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