Golf Academy

Led by Mitchell Spearman, one of the premier golf instructors in the world, the Diamante Golf Academy offers private and group lessons for golfers of all skills and ages. The Golf Academy also hosts weekly skills lessons so members can focus on improving their game one skill at a time.

Golf Schools

Half day (3 hr session)

$150 US

2 Half days

$275 US

3 Half days

$400 US

Supervised practice in a group setting with specific short game goals, scoring strategy and mechanics.


1 person (1 hr session)

$125 US

2 people (1 hr session)

$175 US

3-6 people (1 hr session)

$200 US

Includes TrackMan analysis with Full Swing Simulators and Swing Catalyst equipment available.


Playing Lessons

$200 US

Trackman Equipment Verification

$75 US

Trackman combine test

$50 US

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This one hour session will identify the strengths and the weaknesses within the golf swing. With the help of Trackman and our state of the art FULL SWING Simulators. We will have the ability to optimize your golf game.

What better way to learn and improve your golf game than with a group of like minded individuals. Group lessons can be scheduled for family and friends or a group of individuals wanting to better their golf game together.

These 3 hour sessions are 1, 2 or 3 day Instructional Workshops. Each session will focus on all aspects of the game: From Putting and Short Game to Full Swing Technique. Learn specific ways to strategize how and when a golf shot needs to be played. The goal is to create a road map to a successful golf game that will allow each player to build upon and progressively improve their scoring.

Plan your next team building workshop with a customized session of Golf Instruction. Diamante golf academy can create a program specific to the needs of the players.

The Oasis Hours

Saturday-Wednesday 9am-5pm

Thursday 12-6pm

Friday 9am-5pm